Information & Processes

As an independent fostering service, we recruit, assess and support a range of foster carer applicants to meet the needs of children and young people referred to us. People who are interested in becoming foster carers are treated fairly, openly and with respect; and our communications with applicants are wholly transparent.

The stringent safer recruitment process we follow ensures you are suitable and safe to work with children; there are no compromises on our standards or duty to ensure children and young people will be safe in your care.

Thorough assessment process

To become approved as a foster carer, all candidates regardless of their experience, must undergo a thorough assessment using guidelines set out in the National Minimum Standards and by BAAF.

This will involve an initial home visit, a series of checks and specific pieces of work with you and, where applicable, your partner. We will also seek references from friends, relatives, employers and other people who can comment on your abilities to look after children (for example, ex-partners.)

Becoming a foster carer with Kasper starts with your initial enquiry, and the assessment process usually takes around six months. Click on the link to see a flow chart of our assessment process for foster carers. Or, click to read more about Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the assessment process here.