If you decide to apply to become a foster carer, we follow a strict safer recruitment protocol to assess your suitability. We aim to complete this process within six to eight months from your initial contact with us.

The assessment starts with an initial home visit, carried out by Kasper staff. At this Visit, we will give you information on:

  • The role of a foster carer
  • The role of Kasper Fostering, its history, practice and values
  • The expectations on foster carers - by the Agency and Ofsted, the governing body
  • The processes, demands, challenges and rewards of fostering
  • The support, training and development we offer

We will also ask you to share with us your aspirations to foster - why you have decided to apply, your motivations and expectations - alongside any previous experience you may have that will assist you as a Carer. We will ask you to share with us any concerns you have about fostering, both for you and your family members, and show us around your home environment.

Following this visit, Kasper will make the decision about whether to proceed with you to Stage One of the assessment process. You may also decide not to proceed with us - and this could be for a whole host of reasons. Perhaps this is not the right time for you to apply, or on hearing more about fostering you may decide it's not for you.

Stage one

If we mutually agree to proceed, in the first stage of assessment you will be asked to complete an application form and provide additional information for us to undertake required checks and references. This includes DBS checks, NSPCC and Local Authority searches, identification documents, and references (personal, professional and family members.)

During this process, if information arises that will preclude you from fostering we will advise you within 10 working days of receiving all completed Stage One assessment information.

On successful completion of Stage One, you will be invited to our Skills to Foster preparation training course. This three day course gives you a complete insight into becoming a Foster Carer, and is our opportunity to assess your skills, engagement and participation levels. If you are a couple applying to foster, both will need to attend for the entire course duration.

Stage two

On completion of Skills to Foster, Kasper will make a further decision about whether to progress your application to Stage Two of the assessment process. If this is agreed, a qualified Social Worker will make a series of Home Visits to complete a Form F (template produced by the British Association of Adoption and Fostering.)

This process will usually take around eight Home Visits, and is used to gain detailed information about all members of your household; your skills and experience; your life history and parenting experiences. Once your Form F is complete, you will receive a date to attend a Kasper Fostering Panel, together with the Social Worker who carried out your assessment.

Click here to read our information on Fostering Approval Panels, and click here to view the Assessment Process for Foster Carers.