Competences for Foster Carers

Under BAAF guidance foster carers are expected to achieve and maintain the following competencies. We will provide you with the support and training to help you achieve and maintain these competences as a foster carer for Kasper.

1 Caring for children

1.1 An ability to provide a good standard of care to children which promotes healthy emotional, physical, sexual and intellectual development.

1.2 An ability to accept the individual child as he/she is.

1.3 An ability to work closely with children's families, and others who are important to the child.

1.4 An ability to set appropriate boundaries, and manage children's behaviour within these, without the use of physical or other inappropriate punishment.

1.5 A knowledge of normal child development and an ability to listen to and communicate with children appropriate to their emotional age and understanding.

1.6 An ability to promote a young person's development towards adult status.

2 Providing a safe and caring environment

2.1 An ability to ensure that children are cared for in a home where they are safe from harm or abuse.

2.2 An ability to help children keep themselves safe from harm or abuse, and to know how to seek help if their safety is threatened.

2.3 An ability to recognise the particular vulnerability to abuse and to discrimination of disabled children.

3 Working as part of a team

3.1 An ability to collaborate with other professional workers and to contribute to the department's planning for the child/young people.

3.2 An ability to communicate effectively.

3.3 An ability to keep information confidential.

3.4 An ability to promote equality, diversity and rights of individuals and groups within society.

4 Own development

4.1 An ability to appreciate how personal experiences have affected themselves and their families, and the impact that fostering is likely to have on them all.

4.2 An ability to use people and links within the community to provide support.

4.3 An ability to use training opportunities and improve skills.

4.4 An ability to sustain positive relationships and maintain effective functioning through periods of stress.


This information has been reproduced with the permission of the British Association for Adoption & Fostering, copyright Roger Chapman.

Undertaking a Fostering Assessment in England by Roger Chapman, price £8.95, ISBN 978 1 905664 80 1 which can be purchased online from the BAAF bookshop.