Health & Safety

The safety of the children and young people we look after is our absolute priority. As part of the foster carer assessment process, and at yearly intervals thereafter (including unannounced visits) with approved carers, we will conduct a health and safety inspection to ensure it is compliant with guidelines.

The key health and safety areas that are checked within the assessment process for new foster parents, and in reviews for existing foster carers, include:

  • Electrical safety
  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Choking hazards
  • Glass safety
  • Safe storage
  • Food hygiene
  • Fire/fumes safety
  • Garden/outdoor safety
  • Vehicle safety
  • Household hygiene
  • Pet safety
  • General safety

As part of the assessment or subsequent health and safety inspection visits, you will be expected to implement any recommendations that are made to maintain your approval as a carer.

Safer caring

All foster families have a safe care policy which needs to be updated when children come to live with you or when there have been any changes in your home circumstances.

Kasper will guide you through this process and your Supervising Social Worker or one of the team will be available to provide advice at every interval. Click to read more about our Safe Caring Policy and Guidance.

Individual risks

We want our children and young people to be able to participate in all different types of leisure activities and sports.

While they each have an individual risk assessment, agreed by those involved in the young person’s life, sometimes additional permissions from those with parental responsibility may be required.

When a young person is placed with a Kasper foster family, we try to agree as many of these permissions as possible - this is so that there are no delays when foster carers want to make decisions about fun leisure activities.

You can read more about parental responsibility and delegated authority here, provided by The Fostering Network.