Our Children

Children referred to Kasper range in age from 0 - 18 years, and come from completely diverse backgrounds in terms of race, ethnicity and culture. They have many different experiences, challenges and needs - often, having dealt with significant disruption and trauma already in their young lives.

We receive hundreds of referrals each month, asking us to find suitable foster carers for children of all ages - in particular teenagers and adolescents, sibling groups, younger children with highly complex health needs and/or disabilities, young mums and young people with learning difficulties and mental health needs.

Our fostering matching process

At Kasper Fostering, we are passionate about our matching process which aims to provide permanency and limit the number of placement breakdowns for young people. We rigorously match appropriate foster families with children referred to us by Local Authorities, identifying if you have the rights skills and support to fully meet their needs.

In their own words, here's what two of our former foster children think about the Kasper service:

"Everyone at Kasper is valued, know each other and the organisation is a reflection of everyone involved. I believe that every single child in care should be provided with the same quality of foster care that I experienced at Kasper Fostering with their individual needs and rights promoted without compromise."

Tom (aged 29yrs, former foster child)

"I have been in care for 11 years now, throughout the past 8 years I have finally found a place where I can call home. When I moved there and started secondary school, I was in all of the bottom classes with a low reading age. But my foster carer got a tutor for me, which was supported by Kasper."

"I finally finished my GCSEs and achieved 17 A-C grades. I finished sixth form this year, and left school with three A levels - 2 As in science and an E in history which is still a pass, just a low one. Now I start university next week."

Michael (aged 19yrs, former foster child still living with his Kasper carers)

You can view or print our Children and Young Person's Guides here - Under 11s, Under 11s widget, and Over 11s and adolescents.