Kasper Fostering is happy to receive applications from foster carers who are looking to transfer from their existing agency or local authority.

We recognise that sometimes change occurs within organisations; for example being bought up by larger providers in the sector or simply changing course and taking a different specialist direction. This can disrupt support and services, and affect the original ethos and values carers signed up to work within.

We would be completely devastated if any of our carers wanted to leave Kasper Fostering.  So if you are considering moving from your existing fostering organisation we would encourage you in the first instance to talk through any concerns you have as there may be the potential to find a positive way forward.

Transferring foster carers

Kasper has worked with a number of transferring foster carers over the years, particularly in the last three years.

We work wholeheartedly within the best practice transfer protocol guidelines, and understand the process inside out. It is our absolute priority to ensure that you, as a foster carer, and any children placed with you experience as little disruption as possible - and go above and beyond to make this happen.

Some of the reasons foster carers have moved across to work with Kasper Fostering in recent years have included:

  • Wanting to work in a smaller, family-feel organisation where everyone is known, valued and respected as an individual; where support is provided by qualified Social Workers 24-7
  • Not wanting to work with organisations who cut down on support visits and wraparound services for children and families, or where performance targets skew the ability to provide the right care
  • Working for a ‘not for profit’ organisation where income goes directly back into our services to support our children, young people and foster carers
  • Wanting to be able to have a genuine impact on an organisation where ideas are listened to and acted upon.
  • Knowing that Kasper will always be there for young people when they are no longer in the care system

Moving organisation can be a worrying time. Kasper will support you from the outset and will undertake the process as quickly as possible, usually within three months.

For an informal chat please call the Kasper team on 01227 275985, and be assured that your enquiry will be treated with the strictest confidence.