Kasper foster carers 'engaging, committed and have the drive to learn'

The fantastic LifetrainUK recently delivered an advanced training course for Kasper foster carers and staff - 'Young People Mental Health and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Advanced Practitioner Training'.

The course aims to enable foster carers, practitioners and parents to work more effectively with young people who are experiencing mental health issues. It also explores and provides a practical tool kit of exercises and strategies which can be utilised when working with young people.

We asked Dr Tash Emin, Director at LifetrainUK, to write a short blog piece about her first training experience at Kasper HQ in Whitstable, Kent... And, asked what our foster carers and staff thought of the programme.


"We are a training provider for a range of foster care agencies across the UK.  At LifetrainUK we offer a wide range of courses that meet the needs of today's carers.  This training ranges from Working with Young People who Self-Harm to Understanding Attachment.  All our training is practical, fun and relevant to today's carers." 

"LifetrainUK currently works with Kasper Fostering, we find the carers engaging, committed and with the drive to learn.  Their evident commitment to the young people in their care is intrinsic to their attitude towards training."  

"It is a privilege to work with people who support, challenge and want to move young people's lives forward in a practical, personal and professional manner.  We really enjoy working with such interesting, knowledgeable and dedicated carers who apply what they have learnt with the young people in their care."  

"The staff, social workers and managers mirror the above commitment.  There is a real team atmosphere and a working environment that fosters growth in all aspects of the organisation.  As an organisation we rarely come into contact with such a cohesive group who share values and beliefs that can only benefit the young people they serve." 

Dr Natasha Emin
Director LifetrainUK

Here's what our foster carers and staff members had to say about Dr Emin's course, and what it meant to them...

"Brill brill brill brill. Could do with more of her training  I can't say how surprised I was at how knowledgable the trainers were and made it so much fun!" (Foster carer)

"I have taken so much from today that I really did not expect and came with the view that I might not learn anything I do not already know... so I am absolutely chuffed to bits it was so so so good." (Foster carer)

"Tash has made a helpline available to all course attendees which I feel will be of huge benefit and was very well received." (Staff member)

"ADHD is such a huge subject you could never cover it in one session.  But Tash's course was focussed, solution-based and very well linked to fostering." (Staff member)

"This was by far one of the very best  I have attended the day was fun and I came away wanting to find out more on the next training day... well done to Kasper for finding this outstanding course." (Foster carer)

"It was an excellent course of which I throughly enjoyed and came away with some good ideas and strategies." (Foster carer)

"Difficult to identify any areas where the course today could have been improved; it was a great learning experience presented in an honest, realistic and fun way. Looking forward to day 2..." (Staff member)