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Aged 6, S came to live with Kasper carers Julia and Dave (she had been adopted for 12 weeks, and needed an immediate foster placement when this broke down). 

“We didn’t know S was going to be adopted so it was a surprise when two months after arriving, her social worker said a forever family had been identified for her… I'm told it’s rare for children to be adopted at this sort of age, she was a very lucky girl to get another chance.”

“She was very settled with us, so we all agreed not to mention the adoption until after Christmas.  Eventually in January we started mentioning that maybe there was another forever family for her as we just didn't know. 

“We started talking about suitcases, joking that she would need a huge one if she moved!  We talked about where she would ideally like to live and the sort of house she would like to live in and any animals she might like. As I already knew the details of the new family I was pleased that she said she wanted to live in London to be near her sisters. “

“When the match for the adopting family was approved in April this year, introductions started.  She was so excited when she saw a video of the new family and her new bedroom.  I was so happy and quite relieved that she was excited.  After many daily visits and a few overnight stays, she finally moved at the end of April.” 

“It was heart pulling to see her go, but it’s great for her.  She had her seventh birthday in June with her adopters and seems very happy.  We are so pleased for her!”

A few weeks ago, S came back to see her foster carers for a little visit. Her adoptive parents had taken her camping, along with her two older birth sisters who have also been adopted; they are now a family unit! As Julia recounts, "It was great to have some together time, just S and me, before my whole family came over... they were really excited to see her too."

"We played some games, watched some TV, had big hugs and even went to look at S's old room. She clearly had happy memories of living here with us, but is so very happy with her forever family and new home... It was really wonderful to see her so settled and making attachments so well."