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Siblings Reunited

Posted: 18/11/2014
By: JoDennis
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In practice Local Authority fostering social workers always try to keep siblings together but, for many different reasons, it is not always possible. Whenever we successfully keep brothers and sisters together it's worthy of celebration at Kasper....So imagine how utterly delighted we were earlier this year to reunite two brothers already in our care with their younger sibling, to stay together permanently.


Staying together

Back in 2012, following a very troubled start in life and many placement moves with different relatives and kinship carers, a sibling group of three brothers (all aged under 8) were placed together in foster care. However placing siblings together in the same foster family is not always straightforward.

Children from sibling groups can present a wide range of needs, which some foster families find hard to meet... Brothers and sisters can have various relationships - they may get on well and want to be together, or they may elicit distress, harm and chaotic behaviours in each other due to the trauma they have already suffered.

Being separated

In this case, the three siblings were separated and the youngest brother was placed separately with the possibility of adoption in his future. The two elder brothers were placed long term with one of our wonderful Kasper foster families. They said a final goodbye to each other, and were to have no contact going forward.

Fast forward two years, and the two brothers were very settled in placement - enjoying and achieving at school, taking part in hobbies and being part of family life. Although, they often asked about their little brother and why they could no longer see him.

Finally reunited

Earlier this year, Kasper Fostering heard that the Local Authority had not been able to find adoptive parents for the youngest sibling. While looking at his long term care options, the Local Authority reinstated contact between the three brothers and the recommendation was put forward to reunite them permanently in foster care.

Our foster carers already had approval to look after three children, and following a full assessment at their home with all three brothers, it was decided they should remain together! Kasper's Supervising Social Worker Leanne said, "It's going really really well, the boys are all now in school and went on holiday together as a family this summer. The icing on the cake is that all three also now have regular contact with their birth parents and sister too - we really could not have wished for a better outcome."