Our Children & Young People

Being in foster care and having to live with complete strangers is scary, confusing and upsetting. Often our children have experienced significant disruption and trauma, which will be reflected in how they are able to relate to others.

The children and young people who live with our foster families range in age from 0 - 18 years old, and have many different experiences, challenges and abilities. All of our children come from completely diverse backgrounds in terms of race, ethnicity and culture; some have specific difficulties, such as physical disabilites, mental health issues and attachment disorders.

The heart of our fostering practice

At Kasper Fostering, we will not compromise on our belief and commitment to always promote the rights of children and young people to achieve the best possible outcomes and life chances. 

We consistently provide stable home environments where children enjoy positive relationships with their foster families and Kasper staff. We help young people to develop self esteem and a sense of belonging, whilst building on their successes and achievements.

At the heart of our practice, we help children to rehearse, observe and discuss problem-solving in relationships. Children who were unable to form bonds now have friends visit, are able to make eye contact with others; they have learned people are there to support them.

You can view or print our Children and Young Person's Guides here - Under 11s, Under 11s widget, and Over 11s and adolescents.