Our Foster Families

We are a child-centred, not for profit independent fostering organisation, with around 40 to 50 families fostering in Kent, London and Essex. Our foster carers undergo a thorough and challenging assessment process before being approved as carers. Read more about how foster carers are assessed here.

Resilient and dedicated

Our foster carers are as unique and diverse as the children they care for. They can be single, married or in a stable relationship; represented by all ethnic and cultural backgrounds; be any age, from 25 to 65; and they may or may not  have had their own children. Learn more about why people foster here.

Our foster carers are resilient and dedicated, ordinary people who make an amazing difference to transform the lives of vulnerable children. Due to our desire as a foster care Agency to meet each child's needs fully, we look for the following qualities and practical requirements:

  • The Room: At least one spare bedroom in an owned or rented home
  • The Experience: Skills, knowledge and understanding of young people's needs
  • The Security: Sound health and finances, and a strong support network
  • The Time: At least one foster carer at home full time, or with reduced commitments
  • The Love: Be able to support, love and care for a child no matter what
  • The Commitment: To develop yourself through learning and training

Support and matching

We prepare, support, train, develop and reward all Kasper foster carers. The Agency provides full support for carers via its qualified and experienced social work team - 24-hours a day, all year round.

We deliver an extensive annual training programme (used by BAAF as a an example of best practice); regular and structured supervision, and monthly fostering support groups.

Children referred to Kasper are expertly matched with foster families to ensure all their needs will be met. Our children have expressed that they feel important to the people who care for them, and benefit from having open and trusting relationships. They describe staff and foster carers as brilliant, funny, supportive, loving, excellent, listening, understanding.

Download our Training brochure here and find a copy of the parent's guide "Information for parents of children in foster care" produced by the Fostering Network here.