The Motivations of Foster Parents

Why do people foster?

There are lots of different reasons why people foster. Usually it is because they want to make a difference in the lives of children and young people, and help them through difficult times.

While fostering is challenging, the reward for foster carers is knowing that they have played a part in helping that child to grow in a safe environment where they feel listened to and supported.

Making a difference

When we talk to new foster carer applicants, they often cite a combination of reasons for wanting to foster children. Many feel they have the time and space in their lives to do something valued and fulfilling. Others want to change careers, and to be able to work from home.

Some want to work with young people specifically - particularly, those who have experience working with children for a job. For example, teachers, nurses, police and youth justice workers, social workers and childcare practitioners - they felt their existing skills would be really well suited to foster caring.

But as one of our own foster carers D puts it, "You have to want to do it, and for the right reasons. I wanted to give young people a better life, and I felt inside that I really wanted to help."

"Spare rooms and time are not what it's about - to foster, you need an over-riding mentality and devotion to love and care for others. Whatever your life, job or house situation, you need this quality first and foremost."

We want to hear from you

At Kasper, we always want to hear from people interested in fostering - whether you want to work with us or you're still undecided about the whole thing. We will always spend time with you on the phone, talking through your thoughts and feelings about becoming a foster carer. 

You can call our friendly head office team on 01227 275985, or request a callback so we can get in touch with you.